Another Milestone for 3-D Printing

3-D printing is one of our favorite topics.  This latest story about the technology comes with a local flavor and a human touch.

Joseph Gilbert, a 6-year-old who lives in Chester [NY], was born without any fingers on his left hand. It’s a condition that affects one in MakerBotevery 10,000 births, said his mother, Dori.

 A friend of a friend heard about the 3D printer at SUNY New Paltz and, for under $20 in materials, Joseph now has a hand. And by just flexing his wrist, he can control the fingers of to grip objects.

 As Joseph grows, he can be fitted with a larger hand, said Daniel Freedman, dean of the School of Science and Engineering at New Paltz.

 “We actually built the hand around a scan of his hand, so it is essentially printed out, molded for his particular hand, and then, as his hand grows, we can very easily (adjust) the three-dimensional computer design to fit him,” Freedman said. “We are also planning some upgrades to it.”

 Freedman said creating functional prosthetics for children “is one of the best examples of how 3D design and printing can be used to build remarkable objects at a small fraction of the cost of standard fabrication methods.”

The Daily Freeman has the full story here.

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