10 Lessons Learned About MOOCs

Over at Education Dive, Keith Button has put together a list of 10 lessons various educational institutions have learned about MOOCs (MassiveMOOC Open Online Courses).  Here is the list (we’ve put some of the more interesting findings in boldface):

1. The investment provides repurposable content

2. Experienced students are a great resource to utilize

3. Online courses can be condensed into shorter periods of time

4. Material from traditional courses can’t simply be copied over

5. Reaching lower-income students requires additional effort

6. The format may be especially viable for vocational learning

7. The data gathered is invaluable in improving the approach

8. A sustainable payment model must come sooner or later

9. Fees for ID verification raise pass rates

10. They’re a great supplement for traditional courses

You can get the details on each of the ten items here.

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