University of Southern New Hampshire develops HOW MANY new courses per year?

The answer is more than 650.  David Raths at Campus Technology recently wrote about how the fastest growing not-for-profit online university does it:21stCentury

[Kerri Bedrosian, director of eLearning project management for SNHU’s College of Online and Continuing Education] characterizes SNHU’s course development model as “one-to-many.”

“We have an internal team that designs the course, from the outcome to the critical path for summative assessment, all the formative assessment around it, choosing the learning resource, text or e-text, discussions and lectures or overviews,” she said. “All that is designed in-house and built by our production team into Blackboard, our LMS. That becomes our one course model — our master course — and we then copy that out depending on how many sections are needed for that term. The instructor receives a fully completed course. It is great for us because we can ensure a lot of consistency across our sections.”

 Fordism has come to higher education.  Time will tell whether this is a step forward or backward. The full post is here.

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