Oregon Focuses Internally for Economic Development

A recent article in the Oregonian reported that Oregon’s new economic development chief has announced that the State willentrepreneur concentrate on growing its own companies, and will put much less emphasis on the traditional approach based on attracting firms from outside:

Oregon’s current tech renaissance has been fueled in great measure by outposts from big companies based elsewhere, including Salesforce.com, New Relic, eBay and Airbnb. Even as more startups thrive, collectively they’ve been a tiny portion of the state’s economy.

Noting Portland’s well-chronicled influx of highly educated young workers, Robbins said he wants to capitalize on that talent to encourage new businesses here.

“The way we’re going to do that is investing in the companies we already have here,” Robbins told an audience at the latest demo day for the Portland Incubator Experiment, Wieden+Kennedy’s startup accelerator.

Robbins, named director of the Oregon Business Development Department in June, said he will appoint an “entrepreneurship and innovation czar,” working with a team of business-development specialists focused on startups – “not your usual suspects,” he promised.

The full story is here.

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