ReskillUSA: A New Pipeline for STEM Workers?

ReskillOver at TechCrunch, Anthony Ha has a post on Codeacademy’s effort to build a new platform for people to improve their technology-related skills:

A lot of people probably see Codecademy as a place to build up programming skills before hitting the job market, but now the company is teaming up with similar organizations like Thinkful, The Flatiron School, and Dev Bootcamp to create a broader initiative called ReskillUSA.

As described on its website, ReskillUSA’s goal is to “close the gap between technical education and employment.”. . . .

. . . .Codecademy is also hoping to convince employers that completing one of those programs is a meaningful qualification for a job, and that you don’t necessarily need a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

“By banding together, we’re trying to raise awareness of these new forms of education,” [Codecademy co-founder and CEO Zach Sims] said.

The full post is here.

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