EdTech on Making Maker Spaces Work

MakerBotIn a recent issue of EdTech, Melissa Delaney outlined some useful lessons for successful maker spaces:

  1. Partner with other programs and groups. Borrow high-tech tools from engineering or broadcasting facilities on campus, suggests Steven Bell, associate university librarian at Temple University.

  2. Interact with makerspaces in your area, advises Tom Armstrong, who runs the Whale Lab at Wheaton College. “There’s an army of folks who are totally obsessed in the maker community, and they’re excited to help.”

  3. Find a space with high visibility. FHSU’s makerspace started in the library basement, where few people saw it. Since moving to a bigger room with better exposure, more people stop in.

  4. Provide innovative tools, but don’t get sidetracked by them, says Susan Metros, associate dean of the Iovine and Young Academy. “What’s important is the idea and how you implement it.”

Interesting and important stuff for colleges and economic developers.  The full article is here.

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