The “Skills Gap” Redux

This time it is the Atlantic that is shocked! shocked! that the skills of US students trail their contemporaries:

Young American workers today are more educated than ever before, but the nation’s largest generation is losing its Dunceedge against the least and most educated of other countries, according to a provocative new report.

The report’s authors warn these findings portend a growing gap between rich and poor American workers and that the lackluster results threaten U.S. competitiveness in an increasingly globalized market.

We’ve been concerned about this issue for almost 25 years now.  It is part national crisis and part myth.  But even if it doesn’t spell the end of US global economic dominance, it still raises important issues for us as a society:

“As a country, we need to address the question of whether we can afford … to write off nearly half of our younger-adult population as not having the skills needed to effectively engage as full and active participants in their own future and that of our nation,” write the authors of the ETS report.

The Atlantic piece is here.

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