Peter Fairweather completes Higher Education Planning Certificate

Last month, Peter Fairweather completed the Planning Institute of the Society of College & University Planning (SCUP).  ThePeter Fairweather third of the three sessions for the Institute was held in Tempe, AZ.    According to SCUP, the Planning Institute is designed to integrate all manner of campus planning into a comprehensive, strategic approach.  “Strategic planning processes designed for corporations or non-profits don’t account for higher education’s complex environment and the unique challenges it faces.  The SCUP Integrated Planning Model . . . . has been developed exclusively for higher education [to] help individuals, teams, and institutions solve their thorniest problems.”

The Institute helps leaders hone strategic planning skills in the context of contemporary American higher education.   While participating in the Institute, Peter coauthored an article on the role of liberal arts colleges in economic development that was recently published in SCUP’s Planning for Higher Education.

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