The Advanced Fabrics Project: US’s Emerging Tech-xtile Industry

According to a recent New York Times article, the textile industry is about to join the “Internet of things,” with huge implications for all manner of enterprises:

This latest initiative, Advanced Functional Fabrics of America, is intended to create a national network of research textilesand development, design and manufacturing capabilities for the new fabrics. The products of this emerging field are being called “functional fabrics,” “connected fabrics,” “textile devices” and “smart garments.”

Clothes filled with sensors and chips could give new meaning to the term wearables, now mainly wristbound digital devices like a fitness monitor or an Apple Watch. . . .

“This is about reimagining what a fabric is, and rebirthing textiles into a high-tech industry,” said Yoel Fink, a professor of materials science and electrical engineering at M.I.T., who is director of the advanced fabrics project.

You read it here first.  The full article is here.

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