Community Colleges get in the Code Boot Camp Game

This from Inside Higher Ed:

Graduates of Bellevue College don’t have to look far for jobs in the tech industry. The community college’s north campus in Bellevue, Wash., sits across the street from Microsoft headquarters. Dozens of other tech companies — including Amazon, Google and Boeing — have offices nearby in the Seattle area.

“We’re lucky. We kind of won the zip code lottery,” said Mark Veljkov, product manager for Bellevue.

This fall, the college is capitalizing on its luck by partnering with Coding Dojo to provide a boot camp. Starting in September, students will meet two days a week in a classroom on Bellevue’s continuing education campus. They will also complete online assignments through Coding Dojo’s learning management system. (They will not be enrolled as credit-seeking students at the college.)

Partnering with Coding Dojo was much easier than launching a new program would have been, Veljkov said. “Creating high-quality content for a coding boot camp is expensive,” he said. “You not only have to create the content, but you also have to find subject-matter experts. And that’s just to get you started, since sometimes six months later you have to redo the content because the technology has changed.”

The full story is here.

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