We Are Community Planners

Our plans seek to protect important resources and improve economic vitality while strengthening each community’s sense of place. Our work combines creative application of the most recent planning tools along highly innovative and effective means for community outreach and involvement. Below you will find a list of some our recently completed planning projects.

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Syracuse Creative Communities. Fairweather Consulting conducted interactive sessions in four inner city neighborhoods for the “Creative Communities” initiative of the Metropolitan Development Association of Syracuse, to find ways those neighborhoods might take advantage of the city’s creative economy.

Town of Rosendale. Fairweather Consulting presented a comprehensive plan for the Town of Rosendale that addressed resource protection, focused economic development, and on enhancing community quality of life.  We also created design guidelines for the Town’s major commercial corridor.

Town of Gardiner. Fairweather Consulting presented a comprehensive plan for the town of Gardiner focusing on maintaining the Town’s rural character. The plan features recommendations included innovative planning and zoning techniques ranging from clustering to incentive zoning.

Town of Shawangunk. Fairweather Consulting produced a comprehensive plan for the Town of Shawangunk enabling the town to develop local policies for ridge protection, open space protection, and hamlet revitalization. Fairweather Consulting assisted the Town in developing zoning language to begin implementing the plan.


Town of Rochester. Fairweather Consulting collaborated with the Shepstone Management Company on a comprehensive plan for one of the fastest growing communities in New York’s Hudson Valley. A major challenge in the planning process was striking a balance between the quality of residential neighborhoods and the needs of small excavation businesses.

Main Street

Ulster County Main Street Strategic Toolbox. Fairweather Consulting worked with the Ulster County Planning Board staff to produce a series of analytic tools that enable local communities to create strategic plans for their main street areas.